Invoice Services

Your time is valuable enough without having to spend more of it trying to catch and reconcile invoice discrepancies. Sons takes the additional layer of third-party billing out of the equation by offering in-house invoice services with guaranteed accuracy, saving you time and money.

Our invoice services go well beyond simply sending you a bill though. Additional expert due diligence for our clients includes:

  • Pricing Validation
    We will look at the billing history of your account with previous suppliers to determine if you were accurately charged for services received, and help you get reimbursed if you were overcharged.
  • Supplier Propane Pipeline vs. BPN Weekly Newsletter Pricing
    We will confirm that the propane price at servicing location charged is in-line with regional/state industry parameters.
  • Delivery Ticket Invoice Verification
    We will itemize exactly what was charged against receipt of delivery.
  • Usage Tracking
    We will show you graphically your usage history.
  • Supplier Payment Fulfillment
    We are able to manage your Accounts Payable process for your other suppliers.

In the end, Sons is able to reduce or eliminate add-on surcharges and over-billing or duplicate billing, allowing our customers to realize immediate savings through better cost control and less time spent reconciling accounts. Equally as important, invoices are generated by the same company that supplies your gas, so you can rest assured that we focus on accuracy—allowing you to stay focused on your business.

“Sons Specialty Gas is a reliable supplier which consistently delivers hard to find or difficult to source gas products. Sons services our account to ensure our production floor is never without the necessary gas products it needs to operate and Quality is their number one concern. Dedicated service, on-time deliveries and technical expertise make Son's Specialty the right choice! In addition, Sons also provides superb invoice service that reduces costs and eliminates time and frustration. This allows us to focus on our core business.”
Sharon Norfleet-Reynolds
Commodity Manager, General Procurement
Hamilton Sundstrand - A United Technologies Company